Guide to Championships

The European Squash Federation organises and promotes European Championships for men, women, juniors and Masters at individual and team levels. Each championship is run by an ESF Member Nation, who submits a tender to host the event. Only players and clubs of ESF Member Nations can participate in these events.

European Team Championships
Held annually for men’s and women’s teams, these championships are played in 3 divisions
European Individual Closed Championships

This annual tournament is for individual men and women players

European Club Championships

Open to national club champions or runners-up and held annually

European Masters Individual Championships

This event takes place every 2 years and is for men and women over the age of 35

Under 15 and 17 Team Championships

Held annually for players under 15 and 17

Under 19 Championships

This annual event is open to those aged under 19 who wish to compete at an individual level, or to participate as a team

Looking for details and information about upcoming championship? Interested in hosting the next ESF Championship? Here we compile all the information you need to know about ESF Championship.

Online Entry For ESF Championship

Online entry for ETC 1&2, ETC3, U19 Team and U15/U17 2022 opens on 1st December 2022 and will close on 31st January 2023. For U19 Individual Championships, entries close 28th February 2023 Please find the relevant event in the event calendar to view the invitation for each event which contains all the information on entry, timings, transport etc. To enter please visit

Entry Fees

Please click on the links below to see the fees involved in participating in ESF events including ESF championships, the Masters circuit, and the Junior circuit:

Appendix F1 – ESF Fees 2025

AGM 2023 – Appendix F1- ESF Fees 2024

ESF Annual General Meeting 2023 Agenda - Appendix F1 Fees

Event Package

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our events packages

Why has ESF introduced an Event Package?

The purpose of the introduction of an Event Package is to give hosts greater certainty over the income needed to cover the basic costs of running the Championships. ESF want to make the cost/fees structure more transparent and easier for hosts and MNFs. It also means all MNFs will pay an equal sum towards the running costs of the event so it is fairer.

The basics to run a successful Championship tournament e.g. referees, opening ceremony, court admission, streaming, final party and dinner, etc.

This is a single fee for each participant (player/reserve/coach/physio) collected by ESF and paid to the host.

The entry fee is paid to ESF. It is separate to the Event Package.

This covers the hotel, transport between venues and catering aspect. This will be more competitively priced to encourage nations to take it. The host should be able to negotiate more competitive prices than a participating nation, and if not MNFs may choose to book another hotel themselves as this is an optional package.

The Event Package is applicable for all ESF Championship Tournaments.

There is currently no Event Package for Junior and Masters Circuit tournaments.

The tournaments are viewed as 2 separate events so the Event Package is paid for both U19 Team and U19 Individual.

Our levies are reviewed annually and published on our fees page 

Allocation Of Hosts

Please contact the ESF office with the city, event and date if you are interested in tendering for a Championship event.

Please view our current Championship planning document which is updated periodically.


Maximum Timescales

Tenders will only be considered for championships taking place up to 4 years into the future.

Events 4 years in advance

1. Four years in advance is the first opportunity to tender for a championship. Tenders should be received by the 1st of October for events four years in the future – for example by 1st October 2021 for a 2025 event. Tenders confirmed will be published on the ESF website.

2. The ESF Board (with advice from ESF Director of Championships Committee) will initially scrutinise any tenders received to check all essential criteria are adequately covered, and as required will appoint an Event Director to carry out an inspection visit and present his/her inspection report

3. By March of the following year, the Board will have reviewed all tenders and inspection reports to make a decision(s) according to the following options:

3.1 If only one tender is received and is satisfactory the Board will attribute the Championship accordingly

3.2 If more than one tender is received which satisfy the essential criteria, and each inspection visit is satisfactory, the Board will refer the options to the AGM to make a choice based on a presentation of the key features of the tender and inspection visits by the Director of Championships. The bidding nations will not be required / allowed to present existing/future evidence to the AGM.

3.3 If there are no satisfactory tenders by 1st Oct, the Board will encourage further tenders from all MNFs at the AGM, and set a new deadline of 31 July of that year to receive new tenders. The process detailed in item 2 above will then apply, with the Board making a decision on host as soon as possible after the inspection reports are received.

3.4 If no bids have been received by 31 July, ESF will actively seek bids from MNFs, and tenders will be reviewed / approved on a first come first served basis.

3.5 For all tenders within the 4 year timeframe (the initial phase), the Board will review and attribute championships.

3.6 All championship attributions will be published immediately on the ESF website and announced at the following AGM

4. If the Board rejects a tender, the unsuccessful MNF will have 7 calendar days from notification to appeal. The appeal must be in writing from the MNF and must clearly state the grounds for the appeal. This will be considered by the ESF Disciplinary Panel, and its outcome reported to the MNF and ESF Board via its Chairman within 14 days of the appeal being received by the ESF office.

Regulations ESF Championships

Please click on one of the links below for the ESF Championships Regulations & Appendices for information about how the Championships operates:

ESF Championships Regulations

ESF Championships Tender Form

Code of Conduct

The ESF Code of Conduct is designed to safeguard the future well-being of Squash. The Code covers the respective involvement in all aspects of ESF Championships of MNFs, hosts, players, coaches managers, officials, spectators and administrators. The Code applies to all these categories and should be understood by all concerned with competitive squash. It also applies to both Juniors and Masters Circuits.

The ESF supports the Regulations of Squash, as published by the WSF. All Championships and competitions organised in Europe, under the auspices of or in conjunction with the ESF shall be played in accordance with the Regulations of Squash; and shall be subject to this Code of Conduct.

Appendix D – Code of Conduct

The ESF Code of Conduct is designed to safeguard the

Appendix E – Code of Conduct report form

To be completed and received at the ESF Office within

Championship Results

Click the link below to see the previous ESF Championships results