ESF Coach Education Scheme

Course type:

ESF/WSC Level 1 Coaching Course

The aim of the ESF Level 1 Coaching Diploma Course is to provide an introductory coaching award, which allows the coach to coach individual and group lessons with beginners and juniors.

The course takes place over 4 days. It is tutored by an ESF/WSC Level 1 Coach Tutor. Participants must deliver a “demonstration lesson” for assessment. Successful candidates receive a WSC Certificates and are listed in an online coach directory

Member nations can apply to ESF to provide a coach tutor to deliver a L1 course in their country if there is sufficient demand in that country. The Member Nation will be required to pay for all costs relating to the course including the Coach Tutor (fee, travel costs, accommodation, meals, expenses) and the venue costs (courts, etc).

Additionally, ESF will be organising at least one L1 course per year in a central location in Europe for those nations that do not have the resources or number of participants to run their own course.

ESF/WSC Level 2 Coaching Course

The aim of the ESF Level 2 Coaching Course is to produce coaches capable of coaching intermediate players and junior players up to a good competition level.

Participants must have successfully completed an ESF/WSC Level 1 course (or a similar course approved by the ESF Coaching Committee)

Level 2 courses are run over 4 full days and delivered by an ESF/WSC Level 2 Coach Tutor. Assessment is a combination of continuous assessment during the course, on course demonstrations of an individual and group session and a post course assignment. A second tutor acts as assessor for the on course and post course assignments.

ESF/WSC Level 3 Coaching Course

The Level 3 course aims to produce coaches capable of working as National Coaches. All participants must have completed an ESF/WSC L2 course or provide evidence of an equivalent qualification and level of competence. The course runs over 6 full days and includes a practical on course demonstration lesson followed by a post course assignment, which includes annual planning and delivery of a meso cycle with full written documentation and supporting videos.

The course will be tutored by two Level 3 tutors plus additional experts.

ESF Coaching Conference

It is intended to hold Conferences biennially alternating with the WSF Conferences. The target group are coaches and tutors working at a national and/or elite level in coaching and coach education.

What's next?

The European Squash Federation has identified coach education as one of the fields where it can support member nations and help to develop and improve the standard of squash in Europe.

All ESF Coaching Courses are now part of the World Squash Coaching (WSC) Programme, which provides a global, unified and standardised structure comprising three levels.