Equal gender split at ESF junior team championships to begin in 2025

The 2025 ESF European Mixed Team U19 Squash Championships will feature two boys and two girls competing in each team for the first time.

The change in format to equal gender distribution in teams will be phased downwards through the age groups, beginning with next year’s U19 championships, then applying to both the U19 and U17 Championships in 2026, then to U19, U17 and U15 from 2027 onwards.

The motion was proposed by the ESF Management Board at the recommendation of the Championships Committee and ratified at the recent 2024 AGM in Zurich.

It had been initially proposed at the 2023 AGM to phase the change upwards, starting with the U15s next year, but feedback from Member Nations was that it would be more difficult to field mixed teams of two boys and two girls in the younger age group by next year, which could result in fewer nations participating.

Additionally, it was decided at the 2024 ESF AGM on 4 May in Zurich that it would become mandatory for junior teams to be accompanied by a designated responsible adult from their Member Nation Federation throughout ESF Championships. Regulation C1 is therefore amended to include at least one adult as team safeguarding officer.

This will henceforth be a requirement of entry and the invoice from ESF will include the requisite fee to cover the presence of at least one designated adult.

Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults is an important and necessary responsibility for all sporting activities, particularly international events where children (under 18) are away from home and their safety and welfare are at greater risk. The MNF’s nominated adult will be that nation’s designated safeguarding officer for the duration of the event, including travel to and from the Championship.

Another motion from 4 May’s AGM concerning juniors was to clarify the procedure for seeding at the ESF U19 Individual Championships. See Motion 11.d in the 2024 AGM agenda for details.