Eurovision Sport to show live coverage of ESF European Team Squash Championships

The ESF European Team Division 1 and 2 Squash Championships in Zurich will be streamed live on Eurovision Sport from 1-4 May.

The Championships, which date back to 1973, will be contested by 37 teams from 23 nations who will descend on the Squash Arena in Uster to battle for the top team prize in European squash.

The SquashTV production team from PSA’s Squash Media and Marketing will be on site to deliver live coverage of the event – and fans will be able to watch live streaming via the Eurovision Sport platform.

Eurovision Sport is a digital streaming platform to ensure that sports content is available and accessible to every audience. The platform streams events live and on-demand in a free-to-watch model, complementary to coverage provided by European Broadcasting Union (EBU) members.

In collaboration with EBU Members, broadcasters and national athletic federations, the initiative of the digital streaming platform is to ensure that every second of every event collectively acquired has coverage. Promotion and collaboration are the key drivers to increase the platform’s audience and to generate a community around free access to sports content.

Thomas Troedsson, President of the European Squash Federation, said: “It is one of the central aims of the European Squash Federation to showcase our elite athletes and our sport to as wide an audience as possible. We welcome the support our Eurovision Sport in helping us achieve this.”

Executive Director of EBU Sport, Glen Killane, said: “We are thrilled to welcome the European Squash Team Championships to Eurovision Sport, our free-to-air digital streaming platform. At Eurovision Sport, we are committed to democratizing access to sports, making it freely accessible to fans across Europe and beyond. Ahead of squash becoming an Olympic sport in 2028, we hope we’ll be able to help grow the visibility of the sport and reach new fans worldwide.”

Fans can download the Eurovision Sport app from the App Store and Google Play, or watch here.