ESF European Individual Closed Squash Championships 2024

ESF European Individual Closed. Invitation document

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Allocation of PSA ranking points for the European Individuals equivalent to Challenger 15 level.
Players will be able to claim points on the PSA secure site. Points are not mandatory, but if they claim them, they will count as a  tournament played on their ranking and not as a bonus event.
Points can be claimed until the end of the month, if the event takes place in the last week of the month, then players have until the end of the first week in the following month to claim points.

Online entry opens: 15 May 2024     Entry deadline: 07 July 2024

Entry fee: 15 EUR (obligatory, payment to ESF)

Event package: 280 EUR (obligatory, payment to ESF)

Entry procedure: Only entries from ESF member nations will be accepted.
Please complete the entry form Online entry (MNF access only)

Event Details






Start Date

21 Aug, 2024

End Date

24 Aug, 2024

Registration Deadline

07 Jul, 2024

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