Global Squash Report 2024 released

The European Squash Federation’s working group, The Squash Facilities Network, has released its much-anticipated Global Squash Report 2024.

The Global Squash Report 2024 aims to offer detailed analysis of institutions, players, facilities, and the industry globally and in specific nations across 53 pages. A main focus is on facilities, which are responsible for nearly 75% of the €4 billion squash ecosystem worldwide.

Several key conclusions can be drawn out of Squash Global Report. From the perspective of the Squash Facilities Network (SFN), we present our pivotal points:

Economic Impact: Squash contributes approximately €4 billion annually to the global economy. This figure is projected to grow by 50% by 2027, with substantial expansions in North America, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Player Dynamics: The report reveals that leisure players, who constitute 90% of the squash playing population, are the roots of the sport. Without these players, there would be no foundation to support the structure of affiliated and professional levels of play. These leisure players are essential, as no roots mean no sport. They predominantly enjoy both the social and competitive aspects of the game, underscoring their integral role in the squash community.

Emerging Markets and Youth Programs: There are various reasons for the performance of emerging markets, but all markets share one common strategy: focusing on youth. Youth programs have been highlighted as a fundamental component for the sustained success and growth of squash.

Soon, the Squash Facilities Network will be launching the “Bring the Youth to Olympia” initiative, offering webinars for facility managers to share best practices and to get thyoung people into their squash facilities.

Methodology of the Study: Diverse Insights and Comprehensive Data

The Global Squash Report 2024 benefits from a wide array of data sources, including the World Squash Federation, European Squash Federation, and the Professional Squash Association, among others. The report incorporates insights from over 20 squash insiders across various countries, supplemented by comprehensive data analysis. Every data point in the report is meticulously sourced, with hyperlinks provided for verification.

Get Your Copy: Stay informed about the latest developments in the squash world by securing your copy of the Global Squash Report 2024 for 290 GBP.